What are the RSLogix 5000 Software Components?

I: RSLogix 5000 Programming Software. Tip: Because all Logix5000 platforms have All ControLogix, FlexLogix, and CompactLogix PLC types used common control engine, RSLogix 5000 software is used to program and configure all Logix5000 systems. Used to perform the following tasks: • Develop and modify code – (e.g., ladder logic, function block diagrams, Structured Text etc.) • Monitor project and system component operation during operation • Configure hardware modules (communication module, I/O module, etc..) II. RSLogix 5000 Software Advantage. RSLogix 5000 software offers the following benefits: • Flexible, easy-to-use, Windows®-based editors and components • I/O configuration wizards • Ability to copy […]

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