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Glenn Richie

Glenn Richie

Hi, I’m Glenn Richie, a Mechatronics graduate, I’m working at Power Plant of a food processing company in the Philippines as a trainee Junior Programmer by the time I’m writing this. I always depend on the web much than books and notes for my reference, I am a Photo hobbyist. I also like Photoshop editing, video editing and web designing. All this kind of stuff I wanted to do but at my young age, I could not decide which one to prioritize and which one to pursue. And so one fine day , it came to me the idea to make a blog about every techie stuff that I learn each day, this would rather be my notes than writing it on a paper, make it animated and explain it on video. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles and learn from it.



Now I already left my previous company and found a greener pasture in Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates. Happily married for a year now and waiting for my first born to arrive in 2 months. I’m currently employed as an Instrumentation Senior Craftsman of an Aluminium Smelter Plant. Still doing Photography, Photoshop, Web design and look, my blog has already grown and can be considered as a full website. I also leaned about Adobe Premier and After effects integrating it with my video and animation tutorials. Check my YouTube channel and subscribe for sample videos here Process Control Solutions Tutorials. Please don’t mind I only have a few for now. I’ll be uploading more as soon.


So here is the result. some topics might as well be interesting and useful to novice and fresh graduates out there who are also willing to engage themselves to the world of Mechatronics.


Stuff from the basic to advance instrumentation will be written in the articles the way I understand every topic and in such a way that the readers especially the fresh grads would easily comprehend.I’ll do my best to have every  illustration animated if possible for the students to appreaciate how this stuff really works. For the Advance readers? Forgive me if i will be mistaken. I would appreciate corrections and additional inputs be written in the comment box and so other readers may also be aware in case there are mistakes on the way I deliver my point of view on a certain topic.


And if ever you get bored, join me in some games that may somehow release the stress and tensions that we might be sharing sentiments of or you can chat with me. Find me in facebook here GlennRichie  if ever I’m online just to have someone to talk to or you might have some questions regarding a certain article or might as well wanna know more about me.

God bless us all and enjoy reading!!!….:)