Advanced Data Manager

Memograph M, RSG45 Advanced Data Manager

Saving, Visualizing, Analyzing and Communicating


A Multichannel data recording system with multicolor TFT display (178 mm / 7″ screen size), internal memory, external memory (SD card and USB stick), galvanically isolated universal inputs (U, I, TC, RTD, pulse, frequency), HART® inputs, digital inputs, transmitter power supply, limit relays, digital and analog outputs, communication interfaces (USB, Ethernet, RS232/485), optionally available with Modbus, Profibus DP or PROFINET I/O or EtherNet/IP. An Essential Version of the Field Data Manager (FDM) software is included for SQL-supported data analysis at the PC


The solution for process measuring technology, power stations and energy supply, steam boiler monitoring/efficiency calculation, food and pharmaceutical industry, plant and apparatus engineering and construction, environmental and climate measuring technology, quality assurance and production, batch analysis, testing bays and laboratory applications


Memograph M, RSG45 Advanced Data Manager

Memograph M, RSG45

The Advanced Data Manager is a flexible and powerful system for organizing process values. Memograph M quickly and easily adapts to every application. Measured process values are clearly presented on the display and logged safely, limits are monitored and analyzed. Via common communication protocols, the measured and calculated values can be easily communicated to higher-level systems and individual plant modules can be interconnected.

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