Direct Operated 3/2 Way Solenoid Valves

direct operated 3/2 way valve

A 3/2 way solenoid valve has three ports and two switching states. In each switching state, two of the three ports are connected. By activating the solenoid, the valve switches state and a different connection between the valve ports is established.


3_2 way valve symbol

3_2 way valve symbol

3/2 Way Direct Acting solenoid valves utilizes the armature movement as the direct means to the Open / Close the inlet or exhaust ports of the solenoid valve. 3/2 way normally closed solenoid valve Inlet pressure is typically through P1, so when the solenoid valve de-energized the inlet port P1 is closed i.e. the armature is down and sealing against the inlet orifice and outlet top orifice is open thus the media at the outlet Port 2 is allowed back through and up through the exhaust Port 3.

3_2 way direct acting solenoid valve

When energized the coil lifts the armature away from the sealing orifice directly Opening Port 1 and also directly closing Port 3, allowing full flow of media through the valve from inlet pressure P1 to outlet P2.

3/2 way normally open solenoid valve inlet port 1 is open to outlet port 2 with exhaust port 3 closed, when powered / energized inlet port 1 is closed and outlet port 2 is allowed to vent through exhaust port 3. However in some instances a 3/2 way normally open solenoid valve configuration will use port 3 as the inlet port and port 2 as outlet thus making port 1 the exhaust port. This configuration is quite common and offers a reduced cost way of obtaining a 3/2 way normally open function.

3/2 way universal solenoid valve has the added advantage of being able to accept inlet pressure at any port and control flow in any direction. The functionality of this valve works on the same principles as normally closed or open versions but does not have the limitations of flow directly associated with other designs. This is very beneficial as the inlet, outlet and exhaust ports can be piped up in any configuration to suit the application, so can be used as normally closed, open or as a diverting valve.

Benefits of Direct Acting Solenoid 3/2 Valves.

These 3/2 direct acting solenoid valves do not require any pressure differential to operate and are usually low cost, compact and with a small coil offering reduced power consumption, reduced heat and are ideally suited for actuator and cylinder control applications. These 3/2 way direct acting solenoid valves are suitable for most general purpose media applications and can be found in either Brass, Plastic and Stainless Steel bodied variants.


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