What are the RSLogix 5000 Software Components?

I: RSLogix 5000 Programming Software.

Tip: Because all Logix5000 platforms have

All ControLogix, FlexLogix, and CompactLogix PLC types used common control engine, RSLogix 5000 software is used to program and configure all Logix5000 systems.

Used to perform the following tasks:
• Develop and modify code
– (e.g., ladder logic, function block diagrams, Structured Text etc.)
• Monitor project and system component operation during operation
• Configure hardware modules (communication module, I/O module, etc..)

II. RSLogix 5000 Software Advantage.

RSLogix 5000 software offers the following benefits:
• Flexible, easy-to-use, Windows®-based editors and components
• I/O configuration wizards
• Ability to copy and paste components between projects
• Same look and feel as RSLogix 5 and RSLogix 500 software:
– Ladder logic instruction set built on PLC® instruction set
• Multiple programming language options
– ladder logic, function block diagram, sequential function chart, and structured text.
• Your configuration will depend on the language options selected and installed.

III. RSLogix 5000 Software Windows.

Main Screen at Default Configuration

1. Toolbars
2. Controller Organizer
3. Routine Editor / Tags Window
4. Results Window

IV. RSLogix 5000 Toolbars.

Following toolbars are available:
• Standard toolbar
• Online toolbar
• Path toolbar
• Language Element toolbar

Standard Toolbar: Standard Microsoft options:
• New
• Save
• Cut
• Copy
• Paste
• And more

Standard Toolbar

Online Toolbar: toolbar that provides controller status. Tab/drop-down lists are available for viewing related information:

Online Toolbar

Path Toolbar: toolbar specifically used for communicating with controller and viewing communication status:

Path Toolbar Screen

Language Element Toolbar: toolbar containing programming elements, grouped by tabs, for entry into an active routine. Each language has its own element toolbar:

Language Element Toolbar

V. Controller Organizer

Controller Organizer

Above is showing the Expanded Branch/TASK,  Main Routine, and Sub-Routine in hierarchy.


Routine Editor/Tags Window: Displays open routine or tags collection opened through Controller Organizer:

Routine Editor Tags Window

Results Window: window at bottom of main window that contains the following tabs:

Results Tabs
• Errors tab: Results of verification for errors in the project
• Search Results tab: Results of a search for a project component
• Watch tab: Window for viewing data in an open routine

Results Tabs